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Makekup Artist by Choice

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Bella Costanzo found a job as an administrative assistant of a property management company. She quickly worked her way up to operation manager because of her drive and commitment to work. But the long work weeks were draining, not because she was tired; it wasn't her passion. Bella is way too creative to be confined to a single workstation. She needed to explore what she loves to do, and that's the art of makeup. So, she dove head first into her passion and is not looking back.


Bella is a makeup artist from the Chicago area, now transplanted to LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. She is looking to take her talents to a new level! She received her certification from Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry in Chicago. With a university degree and her Makeup Artistry certification, the possibilities are endless. Her studies have given her the qualification to do beauty, glamour, color corrections, understanding facial anatomy, HD makeup, theater, media, airbrush, special effects and and many more. She is also currently taking classes from Anthony Kosar at Kosart Atelier School for Entertainment learning FX makeups AND living in London she is currently taking this opportuinty to top up her hair skills at Delamar Acadmey UK's leading school for hair and makeup. Lastly, she has had experience with films, music videos, photoshoots, webseries, celebrities, and corporations. The list keeps growing. The more she does, the more she progresses. “I’m unbelievably happy to do what I love.” --

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